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Mission & Objectives
Our main motto is to reduce the number of people living in poverty. We hope to achieve this through following activities : 

•  Provide assistance to families at the time of their daughter's marriage.  

•  Provide assistance at the time of an accident or any other medical emergency  

•  Provide assistance in restoring houses/residences at the time of an emergency.

•  Provide assistance at the time of the death of any family member  

•  Provide tools to enable people to earn a living and support their families including handcart, sewing machine and bicycle.  

•  Provide educational assistance to at least one family member in any field of his choice to enable him to earn a living and support his families.  

•  Provide soft loan to assist in the purchase of raw materials needed to start a small business to enable people to earn a living and support his family  

•  Try to establish computer center at all Trust centers to educate students and enable them to secure sustainable jobs.  

•  Establish homes for old age and widows  

•  Sunshine Trust Scholarships for higher education to talented students 

•  Ensure the poor people of our community that, at any time of any emergency or calamity, they are able to approach an organization “SUNSHINE TRUST” for help.

With your continued support, we can extend our list and activities to encompass more areas in which we are able to offer assistance.

Helping the Needy in Jaipur.