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Report as on 31st March 2010

Dear Members,  

I have the pleasure to present the Annual Report of our Trust for the year ending March 2008.  

Every year in the month of January the Trust holds Annual Meeting in Bombay where our Members & Committee Members and Trustees get chance to meet each other share views and experience with each other and feel like a family. Our Family has grown over the years and have also under taken many new schemes.  

Committee Members at various centers of the Trust are the main working instruments who reach out to poor community people living in slum areas in Agra , Ajmer Ahmedabad, Baroda , Bhopal , Bikaner , Bhilwara, Jaipur, Nagpur , Poona , Rajkot , & Udaipur .  

If you have been reading our reports every year you will realize that our work has increased considerably. Apart from basic objectives we have added following scheme  

•  The Scheme of providing Soft Loan to purchase any raw material /instrument which will increase the income of the person so that he/she can support the family respectfully. This scheme has been a great success in our Jaipur and Udaipur Center , it is catching up with the other centers as well, like Bhopal has helped 30 people in increasing business.  

•  Initially Hand Carts/Bicycle/Sewing machine were given free to the needy, but now it is provided on installment basis so that they feel the pride and responsibility of the item and not sell them.  

•  Looking at the present living cost and inflation we have increased one time limit from Rs.3000 to Rs.5000 per family  

•  We have advised our committee members to motivate the local people and make them aware of the needs of the local people so that any amount given by them is utilized for other heading which are not covered by the Trust This has been implemented at all centers to some extent.  

•  SUNSHINE TRUST SCHLORSHIP for bright students have been given to 72 students. 

  1. Fifty Jr.school students in Jaipur Rs. 25,000/-
  2. Rekha Aswani, Bhopal –Engineering Rs. 20,000/-
  3. Jyoti Bhambhani, Ahmedabad -B Pharma Rs.10,000/-
  4. Sunil Khubchandani Ahmedabad Medical Rs.10,000/-
  5. Mr Kabir Jasuja – Udaipur Rs.10,000/-
  6. Five students of Hari Sewa Baroda Rs.7500/-
  7. Thirteen Sr. students in Jaipur Rs.53,600/-  

•  Every year Sunshine Trust committee members organized Deepavali celebration at centers of our Trust. The committee member invited a total of 3,357 poor community people in our eleven centers. As usual the transport was organized to bring them to the place of celebration and to take them back to their home. These 3,357 persons were entertained in our centers in the true spirit of Diwali Sunshine was brought life to these poor people.  

On behalf of the poor people from these areas, we would like to record our sincere thanks to New York Sindhis for this wonderful gestures. We hope to continue this project of celebration every year. We also hope that in future Donors from other parts of the world will also help us to organize this occasion. The Trustee has decided to join hand in contributing for this occasion, which is literal meaning of the Trust.

•  We must pay homage to Shri Lilaram Purswani who left for Heavenly Bode on 29th July 2003 . He was one of our respected committee member of Baroda  

•  On 31 st December 2003 we had closed our center at Gandhidham as 90% of the amount claimed by the center was utilized towards medical and marriages only, whereas the Trust is on the drive of uplifting the living standards of the people. The Trustees were of the opinion to close the center until new young committee is formed to takeover.  

•  Tara Melwani, grand-daughter of Mr BH Melwani who is an alternate trustee has taken active part and has visited many centers, she has given them advise on how to increase the working quality and follow-up. Till date she has visited Bhopal , Jaipur, Udaipur , Ajmer , Ahmedabad and Baroda during this year she has visited Agra & Nagpur . She has given her report of travel and made various recommendations.  

  1. Her main role is to see that the money given to the centers is put to proper use by them.
  2. Beneficiary are really deserving people
  3. Get feedback from beneficiaries whether they have benefited from the help.
  4. Whether Committee are getting back the loans from the beneficiaries
  5. To discuss, advise and guide the Committee members to bring up the living standard of community people.
  6. With her hardwork and knowledge we have been able to launch SUNSHINE TRUST website www.sunshinetrust.com you will find all details about our Trust including our financial report. If you are fully satisfied with this report you may forward this information to your friends & relatives who would like to join Sunshine Trust family  

The trustees are grateful to her for her valuable contribution of time.  

Our next Annual Meeting will be held 1st Saturday of ensuing January at the Auditorium, 3 rd floor, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre,15, Dr. Deshmukh Marg, Peddar Road, Mumbai 400 026 from 9.30 am to 6 PM and it would be a pleasure if you could attend this meeting and meet all our Trustees, Members, & Committee members from all our centers and thus know more about the working of our Trust.  

With kind regards

Lekhraj Pohoomal


Helping the needy in Jaipur