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Agra View Another State:

During the year their utilization has been less than last year, they have utilized only 74,400/- for 25 people against their annual allocation of Rs.2,42,000/-lacs.

An amount of Rs.47,000/- has been utilized towards marriage of 12 girls. Rs.21,000/- towards medical of 8 persons.balance for sewing machine, funeral and training courses 

This is the only center who does not give cash amount for marriage, they prefer giving a bag containing personal and necessary items to the girl, they assist in arranging the wedding ceremony in Temple / Dharamshala with minimum or no charges depending upon the condition of the family .  

Till date they have supported nearly 200 people in taking up various courses viz. Basic computer, tailoring, embroidery, beautician many of them have procured good jobs and some of them have started their own small business in their house.  

Tara Melwani had visited this center on 20 th Jan 2004 she found all them working in true spirit for mankind. She visited few houses who have been helped by Trust.  

They want to build up Vocational Center like Bhagwan Kala Kendra in Bhopal at Krishan Gaushala premises for which they require equipments.  

They have motivated local people, amount collected from them are utilized for other activities which are not covered by our Trust viz:-  

•  Protect and give food to around 200 Cows at Shri Krishan Ghaushala,

•  Ration (food grain) to 200 poor & widows .

•  Around 200-300 students are helped with school fees

•  They run free clinic with 2 doctors where around 85 patient are treated every day. Medication is subsidized by one of the Sunshine Trust Committee member who has a pharmaceutical company.