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Future Plans

If you go through the accounts you will notice that our Trust has disbursed Rs. 27,17,256.50 during this year.  

With our present drive to help more people we feel that our disbursement will increase further. To meet this increase in our activities, we need more members.

Every year we commit to new Projects to add news activities to the Trust objectives.  

•  Our interest free loan project for cycle and trolley rickshaw purchase at Jaipur has been successful.  

•  Our building of lavatories project for widows and ladies homes in Baroda has been given a good report and has covered more houses  

•  Our computer center project has started at our Trust centers in Ajmer , Jaipur, Baroda , Bikaner , Udaipur are now self reliant  

•  Our Soft loan project to purchase raw material to start a small business has been successful in Udaipur ,Jaipur, Bhopal we hope to extend this activity in other Trust Centers also  

•  Many affluent sindhi's had shown interest in building oldage home and widow's home in memory of their parents and loved ones. This project has come up in Bhopal for which and advance amount of Rs.6,50,000/-has been sent to them during this year  

•  We have allocated a minimum of Rs.1,00,000/- to each center and we will increase this amount to centers that have performed well.  

•  Increase the limit of "SUNSHINE TRUST SCHOLARSHIP" to more students for higher education. More students will benefit from this as we have brought down the percentage of passing from 85% to 60% for girls and 70% for boys.  

•  To start Book Bank scheme in each center so that poor students are helped  

The Trust hopes that each and every affluent Sindhi will be a member of "Sunshine Trust" family this will really help us, as we bridge the gap between the affluent sindhi members and the needy members of our community.  

We request all our members to help the Trust by getting their friends to join hands in this great gesture of the Trust. If you need extra copies of this report, please write to me and I will be very happy to send you extra copies for your friends

Helping the needy in Jaipur